How To Convince Him To Take You Back

If you are on a mission to convince your ex to take you back then there are several things that you should do and several that you should not.  We will begin with the things that you should not do as these things can really mess up your chances at winning him back.

Some people say that making your ex jealous will make them want you back even more.  This is simply not true.  When you begin dating someone simply because he knows your ex or you will be seen in public where you ex will be then you will be giving your ex the signals that you have moved on.  Chances are really good that he will see this and then decide to move on and find a new love interest himself.  This is not what you want.

Another thing you should not do is to become the super possessive stalker ex girlfriend.  You should not follow him around and call him at all hours of the day or night.  If they broke up with you then they probably want some space from you to see how they really feel about you.  If you are there every time they turn around and you are calling and texting them endlessly then this will push him away, not pull him back to you.

What you should do to get your ex to take you back is to be patient.  Lead him into thinking about your past together and how great things were before they started to fall apart.  He obviously had some good feelings towards you at one point or the relationship would never have begun.  You can do this by first becoming his friend again.  Many times when a relationship ends there are hurt feelings and aggravation and it can be difficult to get past this.

You need to take it slow.  Call him up occasionally and just ask how he is doing.  Each time you do this you will be letting him know how much you really care for him.  When the time is right you should bring up the subject of what caused your relationship to fall apart.  Whether it was due to someone cheating or simply a lack of communication, you need to talk about it in order to get things back on track.  He will need to know that you are willing to work on it and to make it better.

After you have spent some time talking you may find that the majority of the problems were simply a miscommunication between the two of you.  Maybe you felt like he didn’t appreciate you or that he didn’t realize how much you did to make him happy.  He may have felt the same about you.  All of this boils right down to communication.  If you are able to tell them and show them how much they mean to you then things will work out much better the next time around and you will be able to convince him to take you back and to try again.

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