Ways How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back Fast

You have just broken up with your boyfriend of so many months and years.  You feel miserable.  You feel like you have just lost an arm.  You feel like going after him, begging him to come back to you.  You want to become a slave for love, self-respect and self-esteem be damned.

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Well, if you really want to do so, it’s a free country so you are more than welcome to it.  However, be warned that instead of getting back with your ex-boyfriend, you will actually be scaring him away from any thought of reconciliation.  After all, what sane man in his right mind will want to be saddled with a clingy woman?

With that being the case, here are the steps to attract your man back into your life and make him stay for good.  Plus, you might even be courted again, thus, doing away with too much pursuing on your part!

Become a Better Person

You must start taking better care of yourself.  Sure, you want to crawl into a hole and engage in party of pity between yourself, yours and you.  But you must get out of that hole and face the world as bravely as you can.  Besides, you have to crawl out at some point to pursue your ex-boyfriend albeit subtly so you might as well do it at the soonest time possible.

Of course, you should focus on both the physical and mental aspect of your personal development.  This way, you become more attractive on all aspects, from head to foot and from mind to heart.

You should go for pampering sessions at the hair salon and body spa.  You need to go into some retail therapy for more flattering clothes.  You should start developing your curves by exercising and eating a healthy diet.

You also need to change the things that your ex-boyfriend but soon-to-be-boyfriend-again disliked about you.  You need not change who you are as a person but if you see the merit in your ex-boyfriend’s entreaties to change some of your bad habits, then by all means do so.

Be Subtle About Your Efforts

For many men, the thought of their ex-girlfriends aggressively pursuing them might provide a boost to their egos but only for a little while.  After the thrills have worn off – and believe us, you will not wait long – you will be rebuffed in all instances.  We may live in modern times but men still like a challenge and you going after them in a most unladylike manner is not a challenge.

Thus, you have to conduct your reconciliation activities in a subtle manner.  First, you should move in the same social circles again, which should be easy if and when you have the same circle of friends.  Don’t cling to him.  Don’t flirt with him.  Just be friendly like you would with your other male friends but show him how special you are through your appearance and actions.

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He should start to notice you, to know what he is missing and then to pursue you again.  Of course, this will take time but you will be amazed with the results of your patience – passion that is hotter the second time around!