How To Win Back The Girl Of Your Dreams

Whether it was her that broke up with you or you that messed up and drove her away, there is still a chance for you two to be together. No relationship is completely hopeless. All women are different and unique in their own right. However, the things that attract women to men are all generally the same. Women love a man who is confident, attractive, and has goals in life. Getting her back won’t be nearly as hard as you think.

Keep in mind that there are probably other men out there who are wanting to pursue her, especially if she is single at the moment. In her mind, she deserves the best, and if you cannot give that to her, she’s not going to want you. First, determine the reason as to why you two broke it off. Think about the events that occurred leading up to the breakup. Do your best to remember those bad relationship habits and do not let them happen again.

Create a new look for yourself and start working on improving your life. Do you have some weight that you need to lose? If so, get started right away. Get a gym membership and get to work on perfecting yourself. Go out and buy some new cologne and get a new wardrobe. If you don’t have a job, get one. If you’re not in school, start as soon as possible. You need to do as much as you can to make yourself appear like a completely new and improved individual. The reason why this is so important is because she does not want to date the “old you”. She wants someone completely different.

Also, do not bug her about the past. Just let her be and continue to live your life for a couple of months. Do not even think about calling her. If you hear that she is dating someone else, do not sweat it because it’s completely rebound. Rebound relationships rarely every work out, so you have nothing to worry about. Just let it unfold until it crashes and burns. If you see her out in public, act as if nothing has happened and be friendly to her.

Over time, she will notice that you are looking different, seeming more confident, and doing great things with your life. She will kick herself for ever leaving you. By you remaining friendly toward her and not bugging her, that opens the door of possibilities for another relationship to bloom again in the future. Take things slow with her in the beginning and just like you two are “just friends”. Make sure that everyone knows (or at least thinks) that you are no longer interested in her, but are working getting on your feet and perfecting your life. She needs to be aware of the fact that you are on the market and open for dating, but may or may not be interested in her.

Make sure that you also go out with your friends. Do not always be available to talk to her when she calls. In time, doing all of this will drive her crazy and make her wonder why she ever dumped you. Before you know it, she’ll be wanting to spend more time with you, and then you two will be back together.

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