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Learn How To Stop A Break Up From Happening

In a relationship, breakups are a fact of life.  This comes as no surprise for indeed relationships must be nurtured on a day to day basis, with each day presenting old and new challenges that must be faced and triumphed over together.

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Signs of an Impending Breakup

Unfortunately, there will come a time when your relationship will reach a fork in the road, so to speak.  You will get into more unresolved fights.  You will be more irritated, more frustrated and more demanding of your partner than at any time in the relationship.  You will start to notice the flaws in each other more than the positive qualities you fell in love with in the first place.

When you start observing these things, then you are on the verge of a breakup!  You should start taking it slow lest you rush headlong into a breakup that neither of you is prepared for.  Then again, nobody who is really in love is quite prepared for a breakup.

Stop the Imminent Breakup

Well, if you do not want the pain of a breakup from happening to the both of you, then you should tart taking the necessary steps to avert it.  Yes, indeed, you can actually stop the breakup precisely because you have one-half control over the direction your relationship is taking.

You can adopt the following tips to do so:

  • You must talk to your partner.  However, not all talk is equal so it helps to plan in advance the issues that you want to settle, the solutions you want to explore and the feelings that you have about each other.  If possible, you should agree on set rules to make the discussion devoid of pointing fingers, name calling and passing judgment.
  • You must be willing to change.  This, of course, comes after your talks since you want to be clear about the things that you need to change about you because it is hurting the relationship.  It may be anything from a trivial but annoying habit of leaving your underwear lying around to a big issue like your roving eyes.  Of course, changes in yourself must also be accompanied by changes in the other person for indeed nobody is perfect.
  • You must follow up your words of promises with concrete actions.  Keep in mind that words are just that – words – but actions on your part will speak more than words ever will.  Well, of course, it is also advisable to be more communicative about your feelings especially if that is the main complaint of your partner.
  • You must show sincerity of purpose.  In many ways, being sincere about your intentions can save your relationship simply because women find it attractive for their man to be true to himself, to his words and to them.

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Of course, each relationship is different so you may have to tweak the abovementioned advice to suit your own circumstances.  Ultimately, your relationship should be saved from a breakup precisely because you worked towards that goal and that is what is important in any relationship – you work hard for it as a team.