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Best Ways How To Make Up After A Fight

Fighting in a relationship is an integral part of its success.  After all, you can glean important lessons from it such as how best to handle issues and concerns where your girlfriend is concerned.  Plus, there is also the thrill of making up with your girlfriend after a fight!  Yes, indeed, the kiss-and-make-up episodes are good but only if you know how to bring them about.

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Sincerely Apologize

Sorry seems to be the hardest word, so goes the popular song.  In many ways, it is indeed very hard to apologize especially when you are still in the midst of you self-righteous mood.  You will not be inclined to apologize simply because it was not your fault, uh-oh.

However, someone must take the necessary step for a resolution of the fight and that someone can either be you or your girlfriend.  Well, we might be living in the 21st century where women are more liberated than their ancestors but that does not mean that they do not deserve wooing from the men, far from it.

Therefore, the task of apologizing first falls on your – the man.  Set aside your ego for the meantime for soon enough, your ruffled feathers will be smoothed down by her loving hands.

Now, make your apology count.  You just do not approach her and say “I’m sorry” and expect everything to be alright with the two of you because it most likely will not be that easy.

Instead, you have to make your apology in a more romantic gesture.  You can send her a note apologizing briefly for the fight along with maybe a meaningful gift.  You need not buy her that expensive bauble or that engagement ring since even a small but meaningful token of your sincerity is best.

Slowly Back Off But Let Her Know of Your Willingness to Make Up

Now that the ball is in her court with your sincere apology, you must back off.  There is no point in pressuring, pestering and harassing to forgive you, right here, right now.  Even if your girlfriend was the one to say sorry first – because she read an article similar to this one – you would not want to be pressured into forgiveness.  You will not want a half-baked reconciliation, believe us.

Instead, you should give her time to think things over.  Wait for a few days before personally contacting her but let her know that you will be waiting for her response. There are only two basic scenarios here – you go to her after a few days or she goes to you.

If you go to her after a few days, be sure that you are ready to take the heat first.  After she has said her piece, you can say your side of the story, too, but make sure that you do so in a calm manner.  If she goes to you, well, don’t play coy – accept her apology but let her know your piece, too.

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In the end, reconciliation after a fight rests on both parties willingness to work things out.  But as a man, you must set the initiative first.  After all, your girlfriend deserves to be courted during your relationship.