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How to Fix a Failing or Broken Marriage in Trouble

Do you sense your marriage is on its final leg? Are you so exhausted from fighting that you almost wish someone would give up and move out? Do you want something to be final and concrete more than you want anything else in the world? If you r answer is yes to any of these questions, then you definitely need to find some basic information on what to do with a broken relationship.

It is difficult to admit and accept that your marriage is in trouble because it makes you feel as if you have somehow failed. You have failed not only your spouse but your entire family.

While those are strong emotions to shake, you have to stop thinking about your relationship in terms of failure. While you will have to take some of the blame for the problems in the relationship, this is not something that you personally have failed at. It doesn’t even have to be a lost cause as long as you continue fighting to work things out.

That’s actually what it takes for mores marriages to pull through a rough spot and become stronger than ever: one person who refuses to give up on the marriage.

So, where do you find information on fixing a marriage once it starts to go downhill? There are a few different options that may work for you depending on your individual situation:

* Counselors

* Books

* Online Tips

You can find counselors in your local area that have years of experience helping couples work through their problems, but you will have to consider the cost of these sessions and get your spouse on board prior to booking an appointment. If you don’t have insurance or otherwise can’t afford sessions with a counselor, then there are some other options to consider.

There are also a lot of books which offer some information about pulling a relationship back together, but this of course takes more time. You will have to figure out the best books to purchase, find somewhere to buy them or wait for them to be shipped to you, and then actually read and figure out how to implement the advice in your real world.

A better alternative is to purchase eBooks which can be instantly downloaded and browsed for information on the spot. You can also go online and find blogs and websites loaded with different perspectives on fixing a broken marriage.

When it comes down to it, you have to use common sense when reading tips and advice on restoring your relationship. If it doesn’t sound like something that would work with your ex, then trust your instincts. There are lots of opinions and ideas out there and some will work better for your ex than others. You know this person better than anyone writing advice on the internet, so use your instinct no matter where you get your information from.

When it comes down to it, what will ultimately help you restore this relationship is the time you have spent together before things went bad. It is that strong foundation that once made you both so sick with love that needs to be rekindled. Once you feel all of that love and passion for one another again you will find the strength and knowledge required to work through all of your problems.

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How To Save Your Christian Marriage From Divorce

In many ways, professed Christians who are suffering from relationship problems are under greater scrutiny and pressure to make their marriage work. The biblical passage pertaining to marriage about letting no man put asunder what God has put together can often become a Damocles’ sword hanging over your heads. Plus, there is this unspoken fact of life that both non-believers and fellow Christians expect the union to last until your deaths simply because your Christian faith demands it.

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However, you should not let said scrutiny and pressure add another dimension to your already troubled marriage. You are grappling with far more serious issues than other people’s expectations so try not to be too bothered by them. Instead, you should focus on the things that will make your marriage stronger.

Look for Biblical Guidance

Your marriage was founded on your Christian faith. In your times of marital troubles, it is the Bible that you must look to first and foremost for guidance. Yes, indeed, the Bible has the answers to your questions if only you will listen and understand its teachings about relationships.

You can turn to 1 Corinthians 13:4-5 for your first guiding words. This is the part where we are taught about the meaning of love – it is patient and kind, it is not envious and proud, it does not boast, it is not rude and selfish, it is slow to anger and it keeps no record of past misdeeds.

However, keep in mind that Christian love between a man and a woman is not simply an abstract concept. It is a concrete manifestation of all the abstract ideas – you practice patience, you do kind things and you rejoice in the other person. Indeed, for Christians, love is only fully love when it is translated into action.

Keep all these guidance from the Bible in mind and you will find the will to change as a couple. Indeed, both of you must change for your marriage to work for it does take two to tango.

And it definitely helps to make Jesus Christ the center of your marriage again. You may have deviated from the path you have set for yourselves at the beginning of your relationship – you are only human, after all – so you need to find that path again.

Look for Christian Marriage Counseling

You can either tackle your marital problems on your own with the help of the Bible, family and friends or you can go for Christian marriage counseling or you can do both. Christian marriage counseling adds another dimension to your efforts to save your marriage simply because you will be provided with a more objective view of the issues at hand.

Your pastor is the best person to go to for Christian marriage counseling. Although professional marriage counselors have the competent skills to guide you through the paces, you will miss the Christian angle. Your pastor will provide the much-needed Christian view on the matter.

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With both your willingness to make your Christian marriage work and your pastor’s counseling and Biblical guidance, you should be able to save your relationship. You will love being given a second chance for indeed Christianity is about giving your man and yourself second and third and so on and so forth chances at marital bliss.

How To Save A Failing Marriage From Divorce

In many religions, marriage is a holy sacrament that both individuals have sworn to protect from separations, annulment and divorce, thus, the vow of till death do us part.  However, it is also a fact of modern life that marriages are subjected to more pressures, stresses and strains than ever before.  Thus, you will find that your marriage is in crisis and you need to act fast lest you find yourself in the middle of divorce proceedings.

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Fortunately, you can save your marriage from ever going the way of divorce.  Just remember that there is no quick fix to your marital problems so you still have to pour your time and exert your best effort into making things work out between you and your spouse.

Communicate More, Communicate Better

Many times has it been said that communication is the key to a stable and strong marriage.  Many times, too, have couples overlooked the wisdom behind this piece of advice.  Well, you should start taking it for your own good.

You must talk to your partner about your relationship, your feelings and your thoughts about everything.  This way, your partner will not be guessing as to your feelings and she can take appropriate action.

Communication, furthermore, is a two-way street.  As such, you should also learn to listen to your spouse.  After listening, you should try to understand her feelings and thoughts and not be offended by them.  You should even consider her point of view!

Also, you must set aside your resentment when talking to your partner.  You can discuss negative emotions, of course, but do try not to dwell on them too much lest they become like termites slowly but surely eating away at the foundation of your relationship.

To be able to communicate more, you should set aside time to talk.  Yes, even just turning off the television just to talk will do wonders for your relationship.  Also, you should consider going out on dates to places where you can talk and bring back the days when you were open and honest with each other.

Acknowledge Your Mistakes, Accept Apologies

Just like communication, asking for forgiveness and giving your forgiveness is a two-way street.  You cannot expect to be forgiven for your trespasses if and when you do not know how to forgive another person’s trespasses, to paraphrase a prayer.

Still, you must not wait for the other person to ask for forgiveness.  You should be the first one to apologize simply because pride has no place in a good relationship.  Besides, you might just discover that your partner will take her cue from you and meet you halfway.

And when you do apologize, you must take full responsibility for your mistakes instead of placing part of the blame on your partner or on other people.  Remember that you are a responsible adult who can make decisions and you must stand by them.

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Indeed, you marriage still has hope just as long as you work together.  You will soon find that the challenges you are facing today will strengthen your marriage, if only you allow them to.