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How To Win Back Your Ex Husband

Sometimes, it cannot be helped if your marriage failed, which resulted in you and your ex-husband starting to lead separate lives. After all, human relationships are fragile even when you have been together for years and years.  However, you need not fall into a state of despair because your marriage is definitely not beyond repair.  Yes, take great comfort in the thought that you still have an ace up your sleeve – you know your husband well enough to know of your next steps.

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Be an Active Participant in the Reconciliation

If you want something, you have to get off your butt and work for it.   If you have failed the first time around, there is absolutely no reason not to try and try again.  If you love your man, then go pursue him.

These are just some of the adages that we have heard growing up as a woman of the 21st century.  Well, these same sayings are also the inspiration in taking an active part in reconciling with your ex-husband.

Simply put, you cannot wait for your ex-hubby to court you again.  You must take the initiative but do so in a subtle manner.  Keep in mind that men, your hubby included, like a challenge on their hands and you will not be a challenge if you blatantly pursue him to the ends of the earth.

Instead, you should make your presence known to him again but make it a pleasant one.  You should not pester, pressure and pamper him because all these will backfire like a rocket.  Just try to establish initial friendly contacts first before making your moves.

Be More of the Pursued than the Pursuer

Well, okay, you established contact with your ex-hubby, which makes you more of the pursuer. However, when you have awakened his interest in you once again, then it is the time to become the pursued albeit you must try not to make it too hard on him.  Think of it as going back to your courtship stage with you playing the coy maiden this time around.

How exactly do you awaken his interest? Well, you can start by making him see what he is missing.  You should take the necessary steps to beautify yourself in ways that he has never seen before.  This way, he will see you in a new light and become more interested about the new you.

You can visit the salon and spa for body and facial treatments.  You can shop for flattering clothes.  You can enroll in personality development classes, if you want, just so you can acquire the much-needed boost to your self-confidence.

And once you have his attention, you can start initiating talks about reviving your marriage.  Again, be very subtle about it at first because you do not want to scare him away.  If he expresses his willingness to work on your failed marriage again, then you know that you have been successful in your efforts to get your ex-hubby back before it is too late.

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Besides, you never know if he has been thinking along the same lines as you have and he has been biding his time until he sees that you will be receptive to his advances, too.  Yes, indeed, it is dance between you and your ex-hubby, this reconciliation business!