How To Get A Girl Back After Cheating On Her

What do you do after cheating on someone you really care about? You probably feel very guilty for it now and wish it never happened, but there is no way to turn back time. What’s done is done and you have no choice but to move forward with your life. The question is whether you will play this right and move into the future with the girl you love or if you will be moving on as a single man once again.

Yes, being single is fun but when you really care about someone and know you have hurt them from one childish action, the fun just isn’t there anymore. You have to at least give the following tips a try and see if you can’t win her back into your arms.

#1: Don’t be a jerk about it!

The biggest mistake many men make after cheating on someone they really care about is to take the macho approach and act as if they did nothing wrong. They may make comments about it not being a big deal, tell her to just get over it, or give her some lines about men naturally being drawn to “sew their seeds.”

Don’t be a jerk because it will push her away from you. She is already feeling a lot of hatred and bitter emotions toward you, so acting like a jerk will just push her even more toward leaving you forever.

#2: Let her hear it from you directly.

It may be too late to openly admit that you cheated in person, but make sure that all the other big news from here on out comes directly from you. That means not asking her friends or relatives to pass on messages for you. Contact her for yourself when you have something to say. She will appreciate knowing you are thinking about her and aren’t trying to work behind her back to win her into your arms again.

#3: Let her take it all out on you.

While you will read in many other places that the best thing you can do after a breakup is to give her time to herself and some space to work out her emotions, but if you have cheated on her this may not always be the best way to go. She may in fact need a bit of time away from you, but if you up and disappear after cheating she is more likely to move on without you than to move on with you.

Stay around and let her take out her emotions on you. Endure the pain along with her instead of having her do it all on her own. If she wants to scream at you, throw shoes at you, call you every foul name in the book, you should be there to endure it and show her that you aren’t running off anywhere.

As long as she is displaying that bitter emotion you know she is plugged into the relationship and still cares. It’s when she goes cold and refuses to talk to you about it that you have reason to worry.

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