How Do I Get My Ex Boyfriend To Love Me Again?

You met the man of you dreams and everything was going perfect then it all ended.  We have all been there and no matter who ended it, sometimes we wish that we could just turn back the hands of time and get him back. So how do you get your ex boyfriend to love you again?  You may think that all hope is lost and that he is moving on but that really isn’t the case.  If you really want him to love you again then you need to take action.

Getting your boyfriend to love you again is not as hard as you think.  The key to getting his attention again is to make your self unavailable to him.  Chances are, if you want him back you have been trying everything you can think of.  Calling him, stopping to see him and begging and pleading for him to give you another chance.  While this all seems like your trying your best, you most likely are driving him further away.

Men always want what they can’t have so you need to make yourself unobtainable to him.  This will probably be one o the hardest things you will have to do but walking away from him and making him think you are moving on will actually get him to realize what he is loosing.  There is so much truth to the old saying of “absence makes the heart grow fonder.”  If you are around him all the time trying to win him back, you are not giving him any space or time to see that he misses you.

The first thing you need to do is stop calling him and stop going to see him.  You need to give him at least 2 to 3 weeks to be totally without you.  During this time you need to take care of you.  Giving your self a mini makeover is always great!  Change your look or spruce yourself up. The idea is to make yourself look hot and like you are doing just fine without him.  This shows him a different side to you.  You will show him that you are independent and that makes any woman look hot to a man.

When you do run into him you want to be looking your best so give yourself a new look with your makeup and hair and buy something sexy that he has never seen you in.  When you talk to him be short, vague and confident.  Once you get the first encounter over with, start to make it a point to run into him.  Start hanging out with the friends you shared together again this way you will be sure to be around him.  You will find that he will be paying attention to you more then he did before.

Once you are both on speaking terms and the lines of communication are open again be adult enough to admit your faults that helped to end the relationship.  Let him know that you have learned and grown from this and its time to go forward. Once he thinks that your going to move on and he sees how you have changed he will be running back to you more in love with you then ever before.

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