How To Get Your Ex Wife Back Fast

So, you have just suffered through a painful divorce, which came as a final blow to your heart and ego when it was finalized. You now see the error of your ways and want to learn how to get your ex wife back into your life again.  You want to make it up to her. You just want her to love you and to accept you as a part of the family again.

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But you are discouraged from taking the necessary steps because, after all, divorce put an end to your marriage. Or did it?  Well, only if you let a simple sheaf of papers stop you from courting your ex wife again!

Love, Not Ego
First off, you must be very sure that you want your ex-wife back because you realized that you truly love her.  This will take some time to determine especially when the divorce was finalized on acrimonious terms.  Your feelings of love may have been buried underneath all the mudslinging that occurred before, during and after the divorce papers were in the mail and so you might have to dig down deep.

Well, digging deep into your heart to find love there is definitely the best reason to get your ex-wife back.  You should not try to bring about reconciliation just because you want to prove something to somebody or you want to assuage your bruised ego or you want to have companionship till the end of your days.  Think of the children and their feelings if you and their mother will divorce yet again because you have no love for each other yet again.

Show, Not Talk
Actions speak louder than words, we have been told time and time again. Well, you must show your ex-wife and your kids that, indeed, you have changed for the better.  This is possible only when you can show concrete, consistent and sincere proof that the husband and the father they knew of old is no more.  Or at least, the parts that they came to dislike are gone, which were replaced by the hubby and father they loved.

To start on this path of showing them you have changed for the better, you can start with becoming more active in their lives again especially if your ex-wife has custody of your children.  You can attend PTA meetings, go to games and remember special occasions this time, in addition to providing the necessary financial support.

You should also start courting your ex-wife with friendly dates like dinners to her favorite restaurants, visits to her favorite places and even small but meaningful gifts.  It will be like you are starting to know each other again, thus, injecting the thrill of your courtship days back into your relationship.  Just be sure that you are taking it slow and easy as you do not want her to feel pressured. The point is to let her get accustomed to the new you before making your seduction moves.

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Of course, you must not expect your ex-wife to jump on the reconciliation.  You must give her time to think it over. All you can do is to show them your love and keep improving your approach by following the advice provided here and in THIS GUIDE.