Learn How To Get Your Husband To Love You Again

You’ve gone through all of the hate, anger, and other bitter emotions, and you have come back around to feeling deep love and passion for your husband. Perhaps he is now estranged from you or perhaps you are in the middle of heated divorce proceedings. Either way, how you approach the idea of getting back together with him will ultimately determine your chances of it actually happening.

Yes, you feel desperate to get him back fast, but the last thing you want to do is take rash actions that aren’t thought out completely. You need a plan that is sensible and controlled, otherwise you risk lashing out emotionally and pushing him even further away.

The Estranged Husband Plan

If it has been awhile since you split from your husband and you are no longer in regular contact with him, the initial steps of finding out how he is feeling about you will be more difficult. If you are still feeling intense love for him and miss him a lot, then chances are high that he is still feeling those emotions for you as well.

Yet, there is also the danger that the distance between the two of you has allowed him to move on and realize that he doesn’t need you after all. This would be hard news to handle, but your first step in the plan has to be to make some contact and subtly feel out how he may be feeling.

Come up with some reason to call him and simply ask him how he is doing. This first conversation is not the time to tell him all about your love for him or to let him know that you are spending all your free time crying over him and staring at your wedding pictures. Just keep it friendly and upbeat and make sure to tell him all the exciting things you are doing now.

If you have made serious changes in your life, then let him know that in a subtle way as well. End the conversation with an invitation to keep the lines of communication open. You want to slowly re-introduce yourself into his life, showing him firsthand that you are still the woman he loved so intensely in the past.

The Alternative Plan

If you are already in contact with your husband in some manner, then you need to put an alternative plan into motion. You may already have a good idea of whether he is still missing you or if he has completely moved on with someone else and seems to be doing just fine without you. This will ultimately tell you how hard of a fight you may have on your hands.

Your plan should involve flirting with him an interacting with him in a light, friendly manner that hints to how you are feeling. If he seems to be responding positively then you can escalate the plan and start to call him up just to chit chat. Just call and ask how he is or what he is doing or perhaps invite him out to lunch or dinner.

Your goal here is to let him know in very subtle ways that you are still feeling for him and want to be around him. He will respond and take it toward a rekindled relationship or he will completely shut you down.

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