Getting Him Back After A Break Up

As painful and tragic as the initial break up always is, what hurts even more is sitting on the sidelines of your ex’s life knowing that you want him back. Watching him carry on with his daily life as if he doesn’t miss you at all is excruciatingly painful. Hearing about him going out with other girls or watching other girls stare at him, knowing he is now single, is even more painful.

If this describes your current position in life, it’s time to take action to get him back! Sitting in the background of his life watching from afar is never going to get his attention or prove to him that you deserve a second chance. If you feel your heart bleeding for him, it’s time to move beyond the break up and take those first steps toward rekindling your relationship.

It doesn’t matter at this point who broke up with who or what the root issues between you were. You will eventually need to honestly assess your part in those problems so you don’t repeat your mistakes in the future, but when you are taking the initial steps to get him back you can lay all of that aside.

Your first step should be to remove yourself from the background and become an active participant in his life again. This doesn’t mean harassing him through text messages at all hours of the day and night or stalking him on Facebook. It just means finding reasons to call him from time to time, being there when he needs someone to talk to, and hanging out with mutual friends who are likely to tell you how he is doing and report back to him about you.

This first step is simply re-introducing yourself to his world so you are on his radar again.

Next, don’t make it appear that you are chasing after him. If you are suddenly popping up everywhere he goes and throwing yourself at him it will be more of a turn-off than a turn-on. The last thing you want to appear to be is desperate!

Rather, make it seem as if you are moving on with your life and having a great time. You just happen to be at some of the same social events with him, and you are going out and doing lots of exciting things which will get back to him through mutual friends.

In order for this to work you have to actually start living your life to the fullest. Start taking care of yourself and make sure you look better than ever every time you see him or even see friends of his. Let the word spread that you are hot and out having lots of fun. This will be much more appealing to him than hearing that you are moping at home in your sweatpants alone every night!

Merge these two first steps together so you are friendly and approachable when you do see him, yet fulfilled and living life when you are apart from him. Make him want to come up to you and ask questions about how you are. Make him remember all the things he used to love about you and see where it goes from there.

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