Getting My Husband Back Fast

When you say the vows “I do” and marry the man of your dreams, you have no intention of ever being without him.  Unfortunately, sometimes things just don’t work out and you might end up estranged from your spouse.  This can be the most heartbreaking situation to deal with especially if you have children.  No matter what the reason is that you are split up, the fact is that you still love him and you want him back. So how do you go about getting your husband back fast?  With the steps listed below, you will find that you can win your husband back and get your marriage back on track.

Step one: The first thing you must do is NOT try to get him back by using the children as leverage.  Under no means should you “just make things work for the sake of the children.” This will just make him come back to you for the sole reason as he feels obligated to do so. You want him back to be with you because he loves you.  If you get him back for this reason you will most likely end up losing him for good with divorce being the end result.  This will only hurt you and the children more then ever before.

Step two: In order to start the healing process and win him back you must be willing to be the bigger person.  Admit to your faults and that you are just as equally guilty for letting the marriage get to this point.  Tell him that you understand and that you think that having some time and space is a good thing.  This will allow both of you to regroup and find those feelings again that drew you together in the first place.  When you speak with him, avoid pointing fingers and placing blame as this will only keep the hurt alive and will not let you both get past this point.

Step three: The old saying; “absence makes the heart grow fonder” holds so much truth to it.   By letting him see you own up to your mistakes and that you are letting him be will make him see how strong you are and will make him miss you.  This is a hard thing to do but it really does work.  Avoid calling him trying to talk things out.  Give him space.  By doing this you will see that he will be the one to come to you.  It may not happen over night but it will happen.

Step four: Take care of you.  Take some time to pamper yourself and show that you are looking good.  When he sees that you are happy and doing just fine on your own he will want what he thinks he cant have and he will be the one coming back.  The key is to be strong and show him that you are able to be without him.  Once you have the lines of communication open on your terms, then you can work on getting him back into your life for good.

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