Getting Back Together with Your Ex Wife

You see your ex wife around town and remember the days that she was completely yours. You spend your evenings wondering what she is doing, who she may be with, and staring at the phone wishing she would magically call and say she’s been missing you, too. These are all very common behaviors for someone who wants their ex-wife back.

When an ex-wife continually runs through your mind and you can’t shake the feeling that you made a big mistake letting her go, you have to first admit that you do want her back.

Once you have admitted to yourself that your ex-wife still has your heart, you have to make certain that you want her back for the right reasons and that you are up to the challenge of trying to get her back. These two things are very important as you don’t want to hunt her down only to realize you don’t love her anymore.

Winning your ex back is going to be a challenge, but it’s not outside of the realm of possibility. If you truly have feelings for her and want to make her happy, then you can’t afford to let her go. It’s time to take action.

Reaching Out to Her

If you are still have regular communication with your ex-wife you are already a step ahead of many others. If you aren’t, then your first step is to reach out to her and re-open the lines of communication. This doesn’t need to be a big emotional heart-to-heart like you see on Saturday afternoon cable movies. You just want to make contact and get into a casual conversation.

Ask her how she is doing and what is new in her life. Just show a genuine interest in her at first.

Play Up Your Life

You don’t want to rattle on and on about yourself when talking with your ex, but you do want to casually mention the new things that are going on in your life. Before you talk to her again, think about all the things that you have done to change your life or better yourself since she left your life. These are all things that will impress her and show her that you have changed and are ready to move forward with a better life.

If nothing has changed and you have spent your time crying for your ex-wife, then it’s time to get out there and create something new to talk about. Go back to an old hobby that you let go of during the marriage. Start training in the gym or plan to run a race for charity. Just do something that makes you happier and well rounded. She will find it intriguing and you will have something new to talk about when you contact her again.

Drop the Clues

Once you have eased your way back into your ex-wife’s life and are in regular communication with her, start dropping some subtle clues that you miss her and would love to have her back. Again, you aren’t going for Saturday Lifetime sap here. Just make simple comments woven into ordinary conversation.

For instance, when she asks what you’ve been doing maybe say you’ve been thinking about your wedding day and how beautiful she looked. Just drop the clues and she will get the point that you are missing her. You’ll have to see where the relationship turns from there.

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