How Do I Get My Ex Girlfriend To Love Me Again?

Finding a way to get your ex girlfriend to fall back in love with you may be difficult.  Really, it all depends on why you broke up to begin with.  Were you unfaithful?  Did you have different beliefs?  You really need to evaluate what the cause was before you put your plan in place to get them to come back to you.

If the problem was a lack of trust in the relationship then you should start making efforts to show her that you are trustworthy.  You can do this by introducing her to all of your friends and letting her go out on the town with you.  You should not have anything to hide from her if you want the trust to be renewed.

Another thing you can do to get your girlfriend back is to show her how much she means to you and how much happiness she brings you.  Send her flowers to her work place.  Be sure to include a note that expresses how wonderful she is.  Take her out for a long walk, hold hands and just spend some time talking with her.  She will appreciate you taking the time to focus all of your attention on her.

Really, the small things that you do will mean the most.  You do not need to be extravagant in your efforts.  Simply opening the doors for her when you pick her up and telling her how great she looks can go a long way.  Be sure that you mind your manners when you are out as well.  One side glance at another woman can make the challenge of getting her to love you again very difficult.

Be honest with your ex too.  Talk to her about the things that went wrong in the relationship and let her know that you are willing to work hard at making it work this time.  Let her know that she is the only woman that you want and that you love her dearly.  If you can make her feel some of the feelings that were so strong at one time then your chances at getting her back into your life will be much better.

One thing that is very important, maybe the most important is that if you agree to make some changes in your lifestyle or how you treat her then you have to do it for more than just a few days or weeks.  You have to commit to making these changes permanent in your life.  If you make some changes and then slip back into bad habits then the relationship will surely fail again and your chances of getting another chance will be slim to none.

A woman needs to feel important and like they are appreciated for what they do.  Be sure to pay attention to her feelings and her moods.  Ask her how her day was and really listen.  Most women are smart and can detect if you are not really listening or that you really do not care.  Stay focused on her and don’t forget to show her how much she means and you will win back her love.  Your relationship will be better than ever before.

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