How Do I Get My Ex To Love Me Again?

There is usually one special person in our lives that just really makes us feel loved.  If you have found that person and they have somehow gotten away from you then you need to find a way to get your ex back.  It is important that you understand what it was that made the relationship fall apart to begin with if you want to get them to fall back in love with you.  The chances are good that they still love you but have grown tired of fighting or arguing with you.  They may feel like they cannot trust you any longer.

You have to do what you can to fix the concerns that your partner has about being in a relationship with you.  This means being honest and paying attention.  You should sit down with them and tell them that you realize that you were some, if not, responsible for the breakdown of the relationship.  Tell them that you are willing to work hard and make changes that will make the relationship work this time.

When you are talking to them you should keep your emotions and frustrations in check.  If they say something that you disagree with, explain to them in a calm matter that you see things differently.  It is possible that you were doing something that you really didn’t realize that you were doing.  The only way to discover this is if you really listen to what they are saying and do not take it negatively. Take it as an opportunity to make it better.

Your ex has probably left the relationship feeling hurt and aggravated.  It will be your job to heal those pains and to rebuild any trust that has fallen apart through the course of the first try at the relationship.  You can do this by making changes in your own life and keeping them in place.  If you put on a show and then return back to your old ways then you are putting any chances of getting your love back at jeopardy.

Your partner will be watching closely to see if you are sincere in the changes that you are making.  You should also pay attention to any changes that they are trying to make and be sure that you acknowledge the efforts.  If they feel like you do not notice how much they are trying then they will likely stop making an effort.  This will work against you and you may find that they are ready to end it again.

The most important part of any good relationship is communication.  You should begin with being honest with each other and promising to keep the lines of communication open for as long as you are together.  That means when you get frustrated with each other you will discuss it rationally and when you are hurt or saddened by something that your partner does then you will let them know.  If you are able to convince your ex to start trying again then you are sure to find success in getting things back on track.

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