How To Earn Trust Back After Cheating

Relationships are very precious things, and like anything that is precious to us, it is only when we lose it that we suddenly realize just what it is that we have lost. One of the most sure fire ways of ruining any particular partnership is when one of the partners is caught cheating.

All good relationships are built on trust. Without trust there will be suspicion and uncertainty, and this is no grounding for building any sort of partnership. For some people learning to trust their partner comes quite naturally. These people tend to be very trustworthy themselves, and this is one of the main reasons that they have that trust in their partner in the first place; it’s simply because they would never dream of cheating themselves and they therefore cannot imagine their partner cheating on them. This makes it all the worse when it actually happens.

Sometimes trust has to be worked at. For these people, it often means that they are not 100% trustworthy themselves, and therefore the thought of cheating may have entered their minds from time to time. In this instance it can be case of “what’s good for the goose is also good for the gander”, as the old adage goes, and so these people naturally tend to be worried about the possibility of the tables being turned on them. But whichever type of person you may be, once your trust is shattered, it’s a very hard thing to regain.

In practical terms, there are certain elements that you have to consider if you are going to try and rebuild your partner’s lost trust in you. Most of us tend to throw up barriers, or natural defenses against being hurt, and this is especially the case with lost trust. The simplest barrier is to not give your partner the opportunity to shatter your trust gain by simply ending the relationship. The problem is that true love is not something that is easily denied by either party. Simply ending the relationship is like cutting off your nose to spite your face. It makes for very unhappy people.

Rebuilding trust can only be done over time. This is the first thing that you must appreciate. When someone has been deeply hurt, and feels badly let down, the feeing goes very deep, and can easily become ingrained; so you will have to prepare yourself for a long campaign, and you must first examine your own feeling to be certain in your own mind that: (a) you really do want your partner back again; and (b): you will never, ever hurt them in the same way again. Without coming to terms with this basic understanding in your own mind, you simply cannot expect your partner to ever believe in your sincerity.

In order to rebuild your partner’s lost trust you must be able to demonstrate your love for him/her, your understanding of how badly you have hurt them, and above all you have to exhibit genuine remorse; and the key word here is “genuine”. If you are truly remorseful it will show, and whatever you say will have a more authentic ring about.

But remember that it will take time. Don’t expect your partner to simply accept what you say straight away. Even if they love you more than anything, their hurt will still be there, and it will take time, patience, and understanding to re-nurture their trust once again.

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