Get Him Back Fast | Learn How To Win Your Boyfriend Back

One of the best things about being a woman in the 21st century is that you can actually make advances towards your ex-boyfriend for reconciliation without inviting the censure of society.  In the olden days, this would have been unthinkable.  However, just because you are allowed to pursue reconciliation does not mean that you should rush into it headlong.  You must plan your moves so as to ensure higher chances for success.  Here are the ways to do so.

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Think of the Causes of the Breakup

You must assess on your own about the causes of the breakup simply because you will have ideas of where you went wrong, where the relationship went awry and where you can start towards the path to reconciliation.  This is with the assumption, of course, that the relationship you are trying to revive was not abusive in the physical and mental sense.  Otherwise, we recommend loving yourself more than the other person.

Become a Better Person

Now assuming that indeed the relationship is worth renewing, the next step is to look into your inner self.  You must assess your mental attitude and physical appearance, then try to look at them from the point of view of your loved one and then determine which one of your personal aspects require changing for the better.

Thus, if you dressed up like a slob before, try to dress up a little better.  If you were too hysterical before, try to act more calmly.  If you were a nagger, try to lessen your hurtful words.  Not only will you emerge a better person for yourself but your ex-boyfriend will like the changes that he sees and pursue you instead of you pursuing him!

Take note that the emphasis is on becoming a better person.  As such, if you have positive qualities that your boyfriend fell in love with but you somehow dropped along the way, then it is best to revive said qualities.  This way, you are bringing back the person he fell in love with in the first place and, hence, providing him with more motivation to meet you halfway.

Establish Friendly Contact

The next step is to establish friendly contact with him, which will be easy when you move within the same social circles.  You can slowly but surely enter his life once again although with the assumption that you want to become friends again – just friends, for the meantime.  After all, ex-lovers can be friends in these modern times.

And this being the 21st century, you can invite him for a few drinks or friendly dinner dates with no expectations, no pressures and no hassles on both your parts.  During your conversations, you can use the past albeit in a positive way.

You can make a reference to happier times but don’t overdo it.  You can use secret words that you used for each other only but very sparingly.   The purpose is to awaken his memories and be on the same page as you are.

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From these initial friendly contacts, you can start working on a renewed relationship.  Just remember not to pursue too much as men like a challenge.  Let him realize what he is missing and he will pursue you in turn.  And indeed love will be loveliest the second time around!