How To Get Your Girlfriend Back From Another Man

There is nothing more infuriating than seeing the girl that you love going out with another man. It can make you insanely jealous, and it can destroy your self confidence and your self esteem if you let it. The trick is not to let it, and the best way that you can reestablish any lost confidence, and get rid of that deep felt hurt is to win her back again, from right under the other guy’s nose. Just the mere thought of it is enough to set your blood racing.

If you’re going to be successful in getting your ex back again, the first thing you should resign yourself to is not to allow jealousy to rule, think with your head, not your emotions; and secondly don’t do anything violent or underhand. Doing something now in haste that you may regret later at your leisure, can have exactly the opposite effect that you hope. It can actually drive your ex closer to the other guy and create a sort of bond between them, so this is a no go!

What you need to do in this situation is to convince her that she will have a better time with you than with the other guy, and, more importantly that no one could love her any more than you could.

If your girl has gone off with another man, the odds are that you haven’t been paying her enough attention, and that you haven’t shown her how much she means to you. Women are very romantic creatures, more so than men, and they like to be constantly reminded of how much you care for them.

Just one word of advice before you embark on your “get her back” campaign; make sure that she still has feelings for you. If she doesn’t, then you should let it go, because anything that you do will only annoy her and drive her further away. But if you do sincerely believe that there is a spark of feeling there, then you can set about trying to rekindle that flame of love.

As we said earlier, women are romantic creatures and it is in romantic gestures that your best tactics lie. Flowers are always a winner; women adore them, and a bouquet (or even several over a period of time) can really melt their hearts and get through to them how much you care.

Flowers also give you the opportunity to write a personal note, not a love letter, just a short note like “Thinking of you all the time” or some such. It just sets her mind working in the right direction.

One of the most successful ways is to write a poem. This can be delivered with the flowers or just given to her personally by you when the opportunity arises. Poetry really does bring out the romantic in a woman, especially if it is something that you have written for her and her alone.

Any sort of grand gesture can be very effective too. Even something fairly simple like a banner on a bridge over the road, or on the side of a nearby house can work miracles. A short message like “Mike’s heart aches for Susan” can have great results.

Whatever it is that you decide to do, and only you know best which buttons to press, the idea is to get that all important message across, that you love this girl more than anything; and all the time that you are waging your campaign, make sure you are circulating with all your friends and looking good at all times. It’s essential that she sees you around, or hears of you being around from friends, and that you’re looking great. They say that the grass is always greener on the other side, and you want to get her to cross the road, and walk barefooted in your grass, not his; so give her something to think about, and if she still has feelings for you, and you follow the tips we’ve given you, you’ll get her back.

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