How To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Miss You

When a relationship ends, many people see it as a time for new beginnings. They take inventory of their life and try to determine where they should go next. Others however might hold onto the past for a few different reasons. Maybe they aren’t ready to move on, or maybe they truly believe that their ex was the only one for them. Whatever the reason is, there are a few sure fire ways to make your ex boyfriend miss you.

Your motivations for doing this are of no consequence, and the first thing you should do is find yourself a new boyfriend. This boyfriend should in no way be considered permanent, and they may not be involved in your life at all. Remember to explain to this new person that you are going through a tough time and you aren’t looking for anything serious.

Though this person will never replace your ex boyfriend, you can be assured that he will see you out and about with this person. He may even confront you, but insist that you are over him and go on with your date. You can be assured that he will call you later that night.

Another important piece of the puzzle here is to ensure that your ex boyfriend knows your phone number. If you update your number, send a text message or e-mail out giving everyone, especially him, your new number. Be receptive to his phone calls, but never allow him to progress to the point where he would try to get back together with you.

There may be times when you simply tell him that you don’t have time to talk, or you could say that you’re spending time with your new boyfriend. This will serve to make him jealous and over time he will start to reminisce about the old times. Where it goes from here will be totally up to you.

You could choose to take him back with conditions at some point in time, or you could choose to keep the status quo. Something to remember though is that if you are going to all this trouble, then chances are that your ex boyfriend means quite a bit to you. If he did not, then you most likely would not bother.

The question is, what do you want to do now? Do you want to pursue the relationship? If so, then come up with a strategy that involves getting him back. If you do not with to continue it, then you should consider letting him go. The most important thing is to make sure he does not realize exactly what you are doing. Be discreet, and act as if you are not interested at all. Whatever your desired effect happens to be, you will no doubt achieve it by using these methods. That being said, it’s time to get to work by using these methods, and if possible, come up with a few of your own along the way!

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