How to Save a Marriage after Cheating

Society says that we should play by the rules, and that there are consequences when someone cheats. After cheating on your spouse, the main consequence will be a lost of trust. And can you blame him or her? But if you want to save your marriage after cheating, you can definitely take certain steps to make the situation more likely. Here are some of the best actions to take:

1. Listen.

If you’ve cheated on your husband or wife, then he or she likely has been inundated with powerful thoughts and feelings. While you also feel the urge to share your thoughts, remember that you were the one who cheated! So this isn’t the time to be defensive. Instead, swallow your foolish pride and listen to your spouse. Do you have to agree with 100% of what he or she says? No, but if you want to save your marriage then you must be all ears when your spouse speaks.

2. Apologize.

While this is one of the toughest steps to take after cheating on your husband or wife, it’s absolutely necessary if you want to start rebuilding his or her trust. Even if you’re naturally a prideful person, it’s crucial that you admit that you’ve wronged your spouse and betrayed his or her trust. While it’s not an easy step to take, it’s necessary if you want to save your marriage.

3. Share.

Your husband or wife deserves to know the details regarding your infidelity. So if you want to save the marriage, be prepared to spill the beans. While you should share some details about how you cheated on your wife or husband, more importantly you should explain WHY you did it. Although this won’t justify your actions, it will allow your spouse to have a better understanding about why you would betray his or her trust, and put the marriage in jeopardy. This is a crucial step to take if you want to save your marriage.

4. Change.

In particular, you’ll need to change your day-to-day life. It’s highly unlikely that your spouse knew that you were cheating on him or her. So take steps to create more accountability. This doesn’t mean that you should check in with your spouse every hour of the day. However, it does mean that if you want to save your marriage, you should oblige if your spouse makes reasonable requests regarding scheduling, marriage counseling, and so on. If you want to stay together with your spouse, then you’ll be willing to make such changes.

5. Wait.

Even if you only cheated on your spouse once, expect it to take months or even a year to regain your husband’s or wife’s trust. In fact, it still might not happen at all! But once you’ve broken that trust, you must show him or her (rather than just make promises) that you can be trusted.

After cheating on your spouse, your marriage may seem to be on life support. But by taking these steps, you can help to resuscitate it. Make sure to be patient and more importantly-be honest and sincere.

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