Ways How To Win Your Ex Back Fast

All of us who have dared to enter relationships will suffer from breakups.  This is to be expected for, indeed, human relationships are fragile connections that need to be nurtured by all parties concerned.  However, amongst all your relationships, there will be an individual whom you will truly love and whom you will want to reconcile with after a breakup.

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Fortunately for you, the bonds that have made your relationship strong in the past can be revived, restored and rebuilt again.  The trick is in knowing how to do achieve a happily ever after ending to your breakup. Well, let these tips guide you on the ways to win your ex back.

Cool Off

Yes, we know that all you want to do at this point is to make your bed warm again with her in it.  However, bear in mind that at this point, too, she might not want to be anywhere near you, much less be in your bed again.  You have to keep your distance, be cool about it and just cool your head enough to tamp down your heated emotions.

In general, women are introspective creatures who want time and space to think about the things that matter to them, most especially where a just broken up relationship is concerned.  As such, you want to provide your ex-girlfriend with the time and space to miss you and what you both had in happier times.

However, this cooling off period will not necessarily be wasted time.  You should use it to make yourself better in terms of appearances and emotional quotient.  If you can look better, act better, and feel better, then don’t hesitate to do so. Your ex-girlfriend will be more than willing to accept you again when sees the improvements that she has been asking for in the first place.

Be Cool About It

Women have this aversion to men who appear weak as to be pathetic losers.  It seems that men are allowed to cry over love lost but not so much as to grovel on your knees begging for somebody to come back.  Indeed, there is a thin line between being romantic and being pathetic.

Don’t fall into the pathetic side, never ever, unless you want to lose your ex-girlfriend’s respect.  Instead, you should appear cool about the process of reconciliation – even if you are burning hot with anticipation – by appearing confident.  This basically means not lowering yourself down to a groveling hot mess of a man who is too weak to face rejection even from the love of his life.

Instead, you should be more romantic.  Think along the lines of sending small but meaningful gifts as well as sweet notes saying you are sorry.  Also, take her out to a special dinner to the place she has been bugging you about before, which will show her that you do remember her needs but was too self-absorbed to act on it.

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Indeed, getting back with your ex fast is a delicate balancing act of trying to keep your distance at first during the cooling off period, then slowly but surely initiating friendly contact but still being cool about it and then expressing your desires for reconciliation,  all while maintaining your sense of self-confidence and self-respect. The rewards will be lovely indeed as love is lovelier the second time around.