I Want My Ex Girlfriend Back Now

Breaking up is hard and many times it can leave a person just wanting to get their ex back. If you have been through a recent break up and you want your girlfriend back then you need to first take a step back. It is common to be passionate about wanting her back, but it is a huge mistake to be too aggressive about it. There are some things that you need to do before you can make the move to get her back.

Contact Her, But Carefully

If you really want your girlfriend back then you need to keep the lines of communication open. This does not mean texting her or calling her every hour. Simply send her a simply hello message a few days after the break up. If she responds then this could be a good chance to really talk. If she doesn’t respond then let things be for a little while and try again later. At some point she will be ready to talk and you want to be around when that time comes.

Avoid Hooking Up with Other Girls

Your ex is probably staying in the loop on all the gossip about what you are doing and who you are with. If she hears about you hanging out with or going out with other girls then she will take that as a cue to move on. All you are doing is showing her that you are done with her. Do not go out with anyone if the person you really want is your ex. You will send a clear message to her that getting back together won’t happen and then she will move on and you will have no chance of getting her back.

No Games

Do not try to make her jealous. Do not talk trash about her. Do not do anything that would make her think you don’t still care about her. You have to show her that you are not over her. You have to be honest. There is no room for games when you want to get back with an ex. Games confuse things and that only makes you drift further apart.

Improve Yourself

Chances are you know the reason for the break up. You have to be serious and take an honest look at your relationship. What things were you doing wrong or what could you have done better? What were her common complaints? Think about how you need to change so that you can be the guy she wants to be with. Sometimes it only takes a slight attitude change to make her see that you really are the love of her life.

Getting an ex girlfriend back is not usually something that happens overnight. There is a reason you broke up. You have to figure out what that is and work through it. While you are taking some time apart and working through things you have to act as if you are still committed to her. You can’t be doing things or saying things that will have her second guessing your relationship. She is already free, so to get her back you have to show her that being with you is much better than being without you.

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