Is My Ex Boyfriend Still In Love With Me?

You just recently broke up with your boyfriend and your emotions are still wildly churning in your head. You’re asking yourself how this could happen and whether he is still in love with you. Luckily, hope is not completely lost. There are several things to look for as sure-tell signs of his continued love and devotion – but you have to be wise not to jump to any conclusions as that can result in more heartache.

First sign is that he realizes he still loves you. He may not share this information with you right away, but you will be able to tell if he randomly appears at your doorstep, or if you strangely run into him time after time. Sometimes people don’t know what they have until it’s gone. Your boyfriend may have gone out to graze on greener pastures but, unfortunately for him, he’s left the greenest with you. Being away from you will clarify his real emotions and he’ll wander back soon enough.

Secondly, he will confess that he understands the mistakes he has made. If his behaviors were less than desirable during your relationship, it is possible being out there in the world has changed his perspectives concerning his actions. He may not have realized at the time that it was hurting you, but now he sees the extent of what he’s done and he’s ready to make it right.

Thirdly, he will tell you that he was scared of his feelings. Ok, this is a line we have all heard at one time or another – we can chalk it up to insincerity or we can believe it. Whichever you chose, remember not to exist in delusion. People get scared all the time, but also it doesn’t excuse hurtful or thoughtless actions. If he’s ready to give a real commitment and take charge of his emotions, then you’ll know he’s changed.

Lastly, if your ex acts jealous if he sees you with other guys, you’ll know he still has feelings for you. Don’t be conceited though, chances are you’d be just as jealous too. Even if the end of a relationship is a devastating reality and there’s no chance at getting back together, seeing that person with someone else is always going to invoke some type of jealous reaction – at least for a little while. So be sure that the jealously isn’t territorial. If he starts calling and showing interest again, don’t be naïve and make sure it’s sincere. If it is, chances are he’s still in love with you.

Always trust your instincts in situations like this. Don’t have amnesia and forget the reasons you broke up in the first place. Be realistic but also be open to change. A new perspective in a relationship can go a long way.

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