Review of “Pull Your Ex Back” by Ryan Hall

Written for people who have had a recent end to a relationship or who fear the end is coming soon to their relationship, “Pull Your Ex Back” is designed to not only get your ex back, but get him addicted to you so he never even considers leaving you again.  The focus of this book is on changing the roles in a relationship and giving you the power instead of your ex having the power.

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Typically when your relationship ends or is about to end whoever is ending it is the one that holds the power.  If you ever want to get your ex back then you need the power in the relationship.  This book teaches you just what to do so that happens.  When you can make that switch in power, your ex will be the one that is begging you to come back.

The core concept of this book is to build curiosity.  You learn how making your ex curious about you, naturally draws him back to you.  Through simple techniques you will learn just what to do.

You will also learn what is going on in his mind.  Knowing how he is feeling and what he is thinking is a big advantage to you.  Having this information allows you to avoid doing things that push him away and only do those things that will bring him back.

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If you are not content with just waiting things out and hoping your ex will come back then this book is for you.  “Pull Your Ex Back” is loaded with everything you need to get your ex knocking on your door and asking you to come back to him.