Review of “Save My Marriage Today” by Amy Waterman

“Save My Marriage Today” is a guidebook for those who are living in constant fear that their marriage is going to end.  This book presents simple, yet effective strategies that will help you to save your marriage.

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One of the best aspects of this book is that the author, Amy Waterman, is very upfront and honest.  She tells you that the techniques and strategies presented in her book will not save every marriage.  However, for the majority of marriages, this book is the saving grace that keeps them together and keeps them out of divorce court.

“Save My Marriage Today” contains a lot of information.  Saving a marriage is not an easy thing and Amy wanted to be sure everything was covered.  You get not only the book, but also extra content that is designed to really make sure you understand everything included in the overall program.  It is comprehensive and leaves no stone unturned.

You will learn that saving your marriage is not going to be all about giving in to your partner’s demands or changing yourself.  You get some very detailed advice at how to really work on your marriage and correct what has gone wrong, so that you can rebuild a relationship that has the strength to last.

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“Save My Marriage Today” is a step-by-step guide that will have you completely transforming your marriage back into the love filled union it once was.  If you are serious about fixing your marriage then you must get this book because it is the best guide out there on how to really fix a marriage that has gone bad.