How To Save A Failing Marriage From Divorce

In many religions, marriage is a holy sacrament that both individuals have sworn to protect from separations, annulment and divorce, thus, the vow of till death do us part.  However, it is also a fact of modern life that marriages are subjected to more pressures, stresses and strains than ever before.  Thus, you will find that your marriage is in crisis and you need to act fast lest you find yourself in the middle of divorce proceedings.

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Fortunately, you can save your marriage from ever going the way of divorce.  Just remember that there is no quick fix to your marital problems so you still have to pour your time and exert your best effort into making things work out between you and your spouse.

Communicate More, Communicate Better

Many times has it been said that communication is the key to a stable and strong marriage.  Many times, too, have couples overlooked the wisdom behind this piece of advice.  Well, you should start taking it for your own good.

You must talk to your partner about your relationship, your feelings and your thoughts about everything.  This way, your partner will not be guessing as to your feelings and she can take appropriate action.

Communication, furthermore, is a two-way street.  As such, you should also learn to listen to your spouse.  After listening, you should try to understand her feelings and thoughts and not be offended by them.  You should even consider her point of view!

Also, you must set aside your resentment when talking to your partner.  You can discuss negative emotions, of course, but do try not to dwell on them too much lest they become like termites slowly but surely eating away at the foundation of your relationship.

To be able to communicate more, you should set aside time to talk.  Yes, even just turning off the television just to talk will do wonders for your relationship.  Also, you should consider going out on dates to places where you can talk and bring back the days when you were open and honest with each other.

Acknowledge Your Mistakes, Accept Apologies

Just like communication, asking for forgiveness and giving your forgiveness is a two-way street.  You cannot expect to be forgiven for your trespasses if and when you do not know how to forgive another person’s trespasses, to paraphrase a prayer.

Still, you must not wait for the other person to ask for forgiveness.  You should be the first one to apologize simply because pride has no place in a good relationship.  Besides, you might just discover that your partner will take her cue from you and meet you halfway.

And when you do apologize, you must take full responsibility for your mistakes instead of placing part of the blame on your partner or on other people.  Remember that you are a responsible adult who can make decisions and you must stand by them.

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Indeed, you marriage still has hope just as long as you work together.  You will soon find that the challenges you are facing today will strengthen your marriage, if only you allow them to.