Saving A Failing Relationship

When the honeymoon period is over, which differs from one couple to the next, you will find yourself in the midst of a failing relationship.  You fight more often.  You have sex les frequently. You do things together for the sake of appearances.  You barely talk to each in loving terms anymore.

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However, don’t despair because your relationship is not exactly beyond repair.  You can still adopt certain measures to bring back the fire, the passion and the love in your relationship.  It will be difficult, it will take time and it will take both of you working at it but it is very, very possible.

Communicate on a Deeper Level

In addition to love, trust and respect, communication is one of the pillars of a strong relationship.  Thus, you have to communicate with your mate about your concerns, issues and problems where your failing relationship is concerned.  It can be as something trivial as a towel left on the bathroom floor or something sensitive as his gambling habits.

Just make sure, however, that you communicate in a clear, calm and caring manner.  You want to discuss issues with a level head instead of heated emotions.  You want to use words that will not blame or judge anybody in the failing relationship, least of all your partner.  You want to understand the point of view of your partner and you want your partner to understand your point of view, too. So, you must give each other the time to express whatever is on each other’s mind.

You may have to change some things about each other so that you make each one happy.  The point here is that you learn to compromise so that you make the other person happy.  After all, being in a relationship means putting the other person above yourself and this goes for the both of you.

Also, during your renewed communication status, you must learn to forgive yourself and your mate.  It is with forgiveness that you can both move on into other more important things like strengthening the relationship.

Use Physical Attraction

Familiarity breeds contempt, so we have all heard.  This is true in relationships where you live under one roof and you have seen each other at their worst times.  Well, you should put back the excitement, the thrill and the adventure of your first days when you only saw each other during your best times!

You should take the time to become physically attractive again.  If you have a beer belly, hit the gym.  If you have been having bad hair days of late, hit the salon.  The important thing is that you bring back the physical lust you had that started the relationship in the first place.

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In all your efforts to revive your failing relationship, you must be decisive, strong and loving.  There is no room for hesitation when you want love to stay in your relationship and in your life.  However, do remember that you must set your expectations at just the right levels.  Life is no fairy tale with fairy godmothers because it will take both you and your partner to work on the relationship for a happily ever after ending to your love story.