First Steps To Getting Your Ex Back

Getting an ex back is not as hard as it may seem. There are several things you can do to help speed up the process of getting your ex back and settling into a happy relationship once again.

1) Don’t try to talk them into seeing you. Give them space to breathe. If your ex has asked for no contact, show them that you are mature and trustworthy by honoring their wishes–no matter how hard it is! Though it may feel impossible, you will get far better results if you give your ex enough room to come toward you.

2) Don’t be dramatic. Throwing tantrums, screaming and shouting, breaking dishes or Tweeting and Facebooking hateful things about your ex will never help you when you want to get your ex back. Instead, get quiet and stay calm. Eventually, your ex’s curiosity will get the best of them, and they’ll seek you out.

In the meantime, there are several things you can do to help prepare yourself for reconciliation.

3) Become the kind of person that you would choose to date. Imagine you are your ex and give yourself an honest “once-over” from top to bottom. Don’t only focus on the physical, but also pay special attention to your character. Based upon your assessment, do what you need to do in order to heighten your attractiveness–and not just physically. Like attracts like, so your ideal mate will share many of the same qualities. If you don’t achieve your best, you won’t be a good partner to anyone.

4) Take the high road. Don’t say negative things about your ex to others because when it gets back to them (and it will), it will only make you look petty and childish. Even if you start to hear negative things about yourself from them through others, stay strong and don’t pass along hurtful gossip or put-downs.

5) Have some fun! Get out and about. The sheer act of being around other people will naturally make you look more attractive to your ex, but you will also truly start to feel better. You may start to get attention from other people, which can go a long way toward helping you feel more attractive.

Eventually, you’ll find yourself in situations where you and your ex begin to have more frequent contact. Now is the time to shine. Show your ex (in a non boastful way) how much you’ve changed and how great of a catch you are.

6) Once you and your ex are on speaking terms, it’s ok to make brief contact now and then in non threatening ways. You can do this with a brief email, a breezy or playful text, or even a short phone call. Don’t “stalk” them by physically going to where they are and leaving notes or bringing gifts.

7) When the opportunity presents itself, sit down and discuss you feeling with your ex. Keep the conversation light and resist arguing or playing the blame game. However, make a point to talk about whether you still love each other–even a little–and determine together whether the love you still have for each other is worth pursuing–even in the face of hurt and discontent.

Soon, you may just find yourself back in a relationship with your ex, without having to “work” at convincing them that they still love you.

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