Will My Ex Ever Want Me Back?

If you can call someone your ex then you can probably say that, at one point, you got along well and that you really enjoyed each other’s company.  As for if your ex will ever want to take you back, that all depends on you.  If your ex was the one that broke off the relationship then it is a strong possibility that you had done something to make it happen.  You may not be the only one that caused problems but remember that you can only fix the things that you did wrong.

If you want your ex to take you back then you must be willing to forgive and forget what they did to you, will they do the same?  This will probably depend on how much you want them back.  Do you want them back enough to make some serious changes in your life?  Do you want them back enough to admit that you were wrong for what you did or said?  You will have to take the responsibility for what you can change and really make an effort.

It is important that you really do what you say you will do.  If you tell your ex that you will never lie to them and that you will come home on time and take them out with you when you go out, you had better do it.  If you make promises and do not keep them then you will have absolutely no chance at getting your ex back.  You have to be serious or you should not waste your time or hers.

As you think about the problems that were present in your relationship with your ex, think about what changes you are really willing to make.  Are you willing to tell them how much they mean to you and how much you appreciate what they do to make the relationship successful?  Are you willing to be committed to them and not to step outside of the relationship with anyone else…ever?

If you can help them realize that you are serious and that you are going to make some serious changes then you may just have a chance at winning them back.  You should make your promises wisely though because if you promise something and then cannot keep true to it then the second chance will soon change to the last chance and you will have lost them for good.

The process of getting your ex back can be painful and can take some time.  You should not expect that things will be great over night as you probably have a lot to talk about and work out.  Give it the time and the effort that it deserves and you will surely find that you are both happy and that you have found the place that you once were at.  If you are sincere about making the effort and are willing to do the work then your ex soon be back in your life for sure.

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