Will My Ex Girlfriend Ever Come Back to Me?

Feeling like a girl that you love has moved on and may never come back into your life is the worst feeling in the world. It gnaws at you nonstop, prevents you from sleeping, and distracts you from work, school, and other responsibilities in your life. While they say time heals this pain, chances are it doesn’t feel like it’s going away anytime soon.

Right now all that matters to you is getting her to come back to you so your life is complete and happy again, but how do you know where you stand in her life? How do you determine whether she is still thinking about you?

Girls are definitely hard to read, especially if they have been hurt and are doing their best to block you out of their thoughts and daily life. Yet, there are some tell-tale signs that ma give you some clue as to how she is really feeling inside when it comes to your relationship.

It’s in the Eyes

Many emotions escape through the eyes, whether a person wants them to be shown or not. If you are still in contact with your ex girlfriend or have a way to see her in person, you should try to make eye contact with her. If she refuses to meet your eyes or quickly darts away when eye contact is established, then she is telling you that she is extremely uncomfortable meeting your eyes in that manner. This could be a good sign as it shows the emotions are still fresh for her.

If she meets your eyes for even a brief moment you may be able to tell whether she is ice cold toward you or if she seems saddened by the end of the relationship. Pay attention to any watering of the eyes and the general appearance of them. If you had a very close relationship with lots of eye-gazing earlier on, it will be easier to read her eyes now.

Facial Expressions

Watch for other facial expressions as well. Does she give a hint of a smile when you first walk into a room? Do you feel her watching you when you are in the same environment together? Or, does she immediately leave when she sees you?

Remember, emotions can often be displayed through the face whether someone realizes it is happening or not. Pay close attention to how her face lights up or goes dull when she initially sees you.

Body Language

Finally, watch her body language when she is around you. If she is angling her body away from you, putting lots of distance between the two of you, or crossing her arms over her chest while you are interacting then she is sending unspoken cues that she is not open to you at this time.

If she approaches you with a hug or gives you a warm smile, then chances are high that she has made peace with what has happened and may be in a position to welcome you back again.

None of these are guaranteed signs as to whether your ex-girlfriend will ever come back into your life in an intimate manner, but they can give you a great idea of where she stands emotionally so you can determine the best way to approach her.

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